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v1.13 Bug Reports
Jump to new posts Re: BUGZILLA report all bugs here! by silversurfer @ 30/10/2014

Originally Posted By: smeagolAmount of items an inventory slot can take is no longer displayed in most recent builds (7616 and 7618). Intended or accident? Accident. Fixed in r7619.
#JAFDEV General
Hi after watching the JA:F videos and reading all these discussions may i ask a question. Since you don't have the full source code and unity licences. Why didn't anyone tried Unreal Engine 4? Unity is great for indies and lots of gameready resourc
#JAFDEV General
Jump to new posts list of biggest concerns/problems ? by patgarret @ 30/10/2014

Hi guys, a brief proposal: why not listing here the biggest problems we are finding in the actual game? I happen to be in the process of reviewing the game for and being a huge fan of JA I would like to give the game all the chances I c
Jump to new posts Re: AIMNAS Art Gallery by smeagol @ 30/10/2014

And with the huge suppressor: Guns have been added. Main problem was finding a good ammo box for the caliber... I'm using a generic yellow Norinco box now:
#JAFDEV General
Hey guys, in my previous post I mentioned financial support. I think having a unity license is crucial to for this project. Therefore I am willing to pay for a unity license. Furthermore one of my close friends works as 3D designer for an app company
#JAFDEV Tactical Layer
Set a weapon in JA:F @ 100 Muzzle Velocity and watch it go through all kinds of stuff. Put it down at 1 and it won't. With a hacked BMG sniper rifle I was able to shoot all across the map in South Marino last night, through all the fences, stalls
v1.13 Projects (Released and In Progress)
Jump to new posts Re: New Feature: Collapsing roofs by Taro @ 30/10/2014

More features is better! Great stuff, 1.13 is a light of hope in the vast sea of shit that is called internet. I just love how we can still come up with new stuff as long as we have solid base and source to work with. [shameless self-plug]BTW: Could
#JAFDEV General
@Mauser - you didn't get banned (you can't ban anyone from just a forum, bans are BP wide)... it was just that them coders wanted some private forums where they could talk about code and stuff without us bothering them. So I made them a private zone
#JAFDEV General
Originally Posted By: FlugenteEh. SMP was way before my time, so I might have understood that wrong... but wasn't the idea of SMP to have a platform with loads of modding capabilities over which we still had control? Like, we could add new code to th
v1.13 Modders (Development Discussions)
Try reinstalling: - clean ja2 (not to Program Files or any other system dir) - 7435 release with update - IoV929 from svn You can also try this IoV929 + maps modpack - unpack it over your clean ja2 installation, select mod from ja2.ini (default is I
Jump to new posts Re: Wanna Test? by Tox @ 30/10/2014

Getting there I've got another bug report about newly added frames causing problems. When that's fixed I'll post a public beta.
UC/DL 1.13 & AFS
I've recently started playing UC 1.13 as I needed my fix of JA2 again and I've played the main game a dozen of times. I've tried it before but found it too hard back then, and Microsoft Mary as the villain annoyed me. This time around I'm a lot more
v1.13 Solutions,Tips & Spoilers
Might, but that's still work in progress.
v1.13 Solutions,Tips & Spoilers
Maybe this can help? Essence XWnd Shell
v1.13 Solutions,Tips & Spoilers
JA2 assets are 2D bitmaps, not 3d scaleable assets. That means you can show more of the map, for example (BigMaps project), but when it comes to zooming in... you gonna see a lot of pixels fast. You can teach an old dog some tricks, but scaleable gr
#JAFDEV General
Unity licenses are a dream... Just read (yes, it's either $1500/y or $75/m, but with some interesting strings attached): A subscription runs for a minimum of 12 months and is available via the Online Store. There is a limit of 3 subscription pla
#JAFDEV General
I guess Shanga's talking about JA:F, the game, not Unity.
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