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New Feature: a new private military company offers their services

Recruiting militia provides you with a great meatshield proves that you have truly won over the hearts and minds of the arulcan people. But sometimes, through abhorrent tactical flaws from your side unforeseeable bad luck, you don't have enough of them. What if there were a way to get experienced militia without wasting your precious time on training them yourself?

See for yourself, as there is a way. You can order reinforcements from a new PMC.

We are fully content these are professionals. In any case, would you be so good as to authorize that huge down payment first?

37 minutes 43 seconds ago · Posted by Flugente · 3 Views · 0 Comments

Epic News of Epicness! NEW JA2 v1.13 RELEASE!

I've just got word from the man (Rowa) that the team has officially released a new JA2 v1.13 version, aka Stable Build 7435! This is the first official release in a couple of years so it's about as major as major news gets. This version includes all changes made to the game until 1st Jan 2014 (so yeah, the newest mods are still on the Unstable branch). For more info, they have created 2 new threads and also updated the 1.13 WIKI with new infos and download links.

1.13 WIKI

Release Info Thread:

Release Bugreports Thread:

28/08/2014 · Posted by Shanga · 310 Views · 0 Comments

New Feature: Disease

Considering that Arulco is a war-torn, backwater country with a stunning total of two doctors and one nurse for the entire country, people are surprisingly healthy there. Apart from the occasional massacre of all government personnel by foreign mercenaries that is.

Well, no more of that! I've added a new feauture to take care of that. Thus begins a new age of suffering, pain and disease bunny
Ebola! Malaria! Cholera! PTSD! Pregnancy! puke

And if you really want it, everybody can have a share of that, as a deadly plague spreads and threatens the entire civilian population!

10/08/2014 · Posted by Flugente · 2315 Views · 0 Comments

New JA:F Patch, LIVE take three: Finishing all quests!

FC just released a major beta update for JA:F, including first weather system, grenades and more weapons. We'll be streaming a full Playthrough soonish. While I get everything setup, take your time and read through the full update:

Join the Twitch stream here:

03/07/2014 · Posted by Shanga · 1034 Views · 0 Comments

New Feature: Dynamic dialogue

At work we are like a family. A family where everybody vies to escape to a better family, but a family nevertheless. Now, if we also had (more) firearms and and would gun down government soldiers (more), we wouldn't get along as well as Jagged Alliance's mercenaries do. They don't talk to each other, keeping you focused on the tasks at hand.

We can't do that, can we? Now your team will actively complain and quarrel with each other. And you can even decide in what way your IMPs will offend people today!

28/06/2014 · Posted by Flugente · 1045 Views · 0 Comments

New Feature: Dynamic opinions

It's always the same with new colleagues. At first they seem reserved, but as it turns out, that is just because of their ingrained hatred towards sassy estonian women like you. Mowing down an army patrol together thawed the relation, and he was really thankful when you mended his broken leg with a spoon. But then... he told of your drug problem to the commander! And hoards all the good stuff for himself!
Also, why do all other people earn more than you? Sheesh! It's time for the daily mandatory binge drinking session.

Yep. Mercenary relations got a bit more complicated.

29/05/2014 · Posted by Flugente · 4706 Views · 0 Comments

JA:F Beta Playthrough (0.2.2-RC5)

18/05/2014 · Posted by Shanga · 930 Views · 0 Comments

Arulco Folding Stock / Deidranna Lives!-1.13 / Urban Chaos-1.13 v4.48

v4.48 for all three of my related mods are ready for general release (finally got the documentation reconstructed). Just in time for a Sunday drive...

All were tested with: SCI_Unstable_Revision_7205_on_GameDir_2033(Testing including tactical driving)

18/05/2014 · Posted by wil473 · 1251 Views · 0 Comments

Grand Theft Arulco

If you aren't american, then you aren't legally allowed to gun down people. Honestly, that sucks! For example, europeans have to use a car to kill someone.

But you can now stay in training while in Arulco. anv's newest wonder allows you to drive cars in combat. And perform a drive-by with an RPG.

Go europe!

14/05/2014 · Posted by Flugente · 710 Views · 0 Comments

New Feature: enemy generals

Do you long for a reason to sneak into enemy territory? A justification for beating up captured oficers? Any, no matter how flimsy, excuse to stuff american pensioneers with C4 and send them to 'eternal Cleveland'?

This might be your oddly specific lucky day! As enemy generals require a different approach.

Also contains a small story that totally doesn't try to imitate the best JA2 LP out there.

01/05/2014 · Posted by Flugente · 1323 Views · 0 Comments

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08:10 PM
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Modding Scene News

New Feature: a new private military company offers their services
by Flugente
Epic News of Epicness! NEW JA2 v1.13 RELEASE!
by Shanga
New Feature: Disease
by Flugente

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