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AIMNAS XMAS Release 2014 is up

Santa's been a day early this year.

Download the latest AIMNAS Bigmaps project release now!

What's new?

A lot of new big maps (~100 maps fully playable now! including Complete Drassen, Chitzena, San Mona, the Cambria main sector and university, the Desert SAM site, a new mining town).

Lots and lots of new items.

Merry Christmas to all of you.


23/12/2014 · Posted by smeagol · 345 Views · 0 Comments

Arulco Folding Stock / Deidranna Lives!-1.13 / Urban Chaos-1.13 v4.50 Full 20141222

Version 4.50 (2014/12/22) of Arulco Folding Stock, Deidranna Lives!-1.13, and Urban Chaos-1.13 are now available from:

Arulco Folding Stock

Diedranna Lives!-1.13

Urban Chaos-1.13

All Version 4.50 mods are fully compatible*** with both the "2014 Stable 1.13 Release" (7435) + JA2_113_UpdateForRelease7435_English_7609 and the most recent "Unstable" Single Click Installer (SCI): SCI_Unstable_Revision_7679_on_GameDir_2188 (December 15, 2014). I even managed to get a few hours worth of testing in this time. Keep an eye on the sub-forum for announcements on plans for v5.00 in the near future.

***With UC-1.13 and 2014 Stable, please remember to select the correct VFS configuration before launching the game.

22/12/2014 · Posted by wil473 · 404 Views · 0 Comments

SweetFX shaders bundle for JA:F

The best SweetFX shader presets from applied and tested in JA:F, for your viewing pleasure. Plus the one from edgecrusher we already we've been using, made specially for JAF.
Browse as a gallery here:
Download as a pack from here:

Original link:

16/12/2014 · Posted by Shanga · 212 Views · 1 Comments


One of our resident code wizards, Tox, has just released a new tool for JA2 modding: STIConverter Alpha 1

Need to convert JPG/PNG files to single-page 8bit STIs? Then give this baby a shot. Just drop the file onto the app and it will do the rest for you. And, if you want, you can fine-tune the conversion, e.g. to get rid off those pesky half-transparent pixels at the edges of the image.

Grab your copy here:

15/12/2014 · Posted by Shanga · 140 Views · 0 Comments

Shanga's Modding Emporium

I've published quite a few JA:F small mods. In case you haven't tried out JA:F yet, you can find them in Steam Workshop. Here's a full list for those interested:

Shanga's Better Sector Maps mod for JAF 1.1.1 (All languages)
This mod adds shop icons on the sector minimaps, for those who want to find quickly the NPC shops. Can be used together with Shanga's Better Strategic Map. Compatible with JA:F 1.1.1 (All languages).

Shanga's Better Strategic Map mod for JAF 1.1.1 (All languages)
This mod adds special icons for the key game sectors where NPC shops are located (Weapons, Medical and Repair). In order not to spoil the fun of exploring the sectors, this mod has just generic Strategic Map pointers, but no NPC locations. Ingame minimap locations will be featured in a separate mod, for those who are really desperate to find the NPCs. Compatible with JAF 1.1.1 (All languages). Known issues: due to limited space, sometimes the dynamic game icons will obscure the mod's icons temporarely, more exactly Quest icon and squad icons.

Shanga's Better Descriptions PLUS EDITION for JAF 1.1.1 Mod (English)
The PLUS EDITION has optimized descriptions for ammo and attachments, making text more readable. It also ads new weapon descriptions, featuring a list of compatible attachments! No more mix and match! And as a bonus, it incorporates the popular Proper Weapon Names mod, changing all ingame weapons to real names. Compatible with JAF 1.1.1, English version. No download needed, the mod will update itself from Steam Workshop if you have Shanga's Better Description installed.
If you don't have it, you can download/subscribe on Steam Workshop and activate the mod inside JA:Flashback MODDING section:

9x39 Spetsnaz Ammo PLUS EDITION! mod for JAF 1.1.1 (English)
Added a new 9x39 subsonic ammo type for VSS and AS Val Spetsnaz rifles. Includes a quick Default IMP equipped with a VSS for instant testing. The PLUS EDITION added the 9x39mm to all loot and drop tables, so supply shouldn't be a problem. Includes Shanga's Better Description Mod. Compatible with JAF 1.1.1 rc1.

NOTE FOR NON-STEAM PLAYERS: You will need Humble Bundle ver. 1.1.1 update in order to install these mods. Unrar each archive under its own folder in \Jagged Alliance Flashback\game_Data\StreamingAssets\Mods and activate each mod as a local mod from inside the game.

09/12/2014 · Posted by Shanga · 260 Views · 0 Comments

MASTER OF THE ARTS First line-up selected!

As I have announced during the plan for JA:F Community Roll-out, this community is going to have a panel of established and recognized modders and coders, active in the last year, that will have a vote in awarding the Bear's Pit stamp of approval for JA:F user-made DLCs. And the prize the goes with that. For this first batch of nominations I have selected the following list of Modding and Coding Legends that were active on the forum during the year of 2014:

Tox, Tbird94lx , Kaerar, Sergeant_Kolja, wil473, wanne (Rowa21), Headrock, DASharp2, smeagol, Flugente, JAsmine, anv

This is a community duty so if any of the above wishes to remove him/her self from the list, all he/she needs to do is PM me. Further nominations will come after I analyse the other modding groups. Also a member's panel (Patron of the Arts) will soon be available for all willing to subscribe for a modest sum. All those who either contributed with large donations in the past or already pledged equivalent sums on Patreon recurring subscription will be granted free access.

PS: All the above can find the respective badge in their profile if they wish to display it (or not). Later the panel will have a special forum where the voting and discussions about submissions will take place.


07/11/2014 · Posted by Shanga · 623 Views · 0 Comments

New Feature: Tracking

JA2's landscape is flat. Sad but true. Let's pretend there are hedges, ravines, sand and dishwashers. In such a lush vegetation, we could expect that running around would leave tracks, no?

Yes, we totally can. And now we can track those.

Stalk your prey (or yourself, if you run in circles)!

04/11/2014 · Posted by Flugente · 4699 Views · 0 Comments

Community Roll-out Plan for JA:F

During the Q&A with Thomas Lund we talked a lot about how the community will get involved into making JA:F the game we dreamed about. A lot of ideas were discussed, but a few stand out:

  • Bear's Pit Quality Stamp
    They need us, they want us to be part of the development. But on the other hand they also need a Quality Check filter between them and a tonne of user submissions, because they don't have like 20 people doing community management, just one. I offered Bear's Pit resources for that job and Thomas was both glad and generous enough to accept it. Will announce the plan for that soon.

    Priorities, priorities, priorities
  • So far they've been trying to establish by themselves the priorities for the game patches and development. This produced mixed results, as we know. They are willing to share with us their roll-out plans and the lists for the to-do features. If we can organize ourselves and give them proper feedback on what matters most for the players, Thomas said they're more than happy to focus on those parts, provided the community accepts the time costs and stands by them while they're working on what we wanted. More on that later.

    Localization teams
  • They are using a translation agency, but of course those guys aren't players and their translations sound off when inside the game - we need to organize some dedicated translation teams to go over those; they have so far Russian , German, Italian, French an Spanish localization projects going, but they said any other language is welcome. I'll need volunteers with a background in English translations that are JA:F players and are willing to help.

    Modding support
  • They're open to adding any tweaks and providing us with any tools that allow mods to be created; in that respect we're going to get their own weapon balancing spreadsheets that update all weapons and generate JSONs automatically, plus once they sort out the issues Unity has with memleaks, they will work on a way to open the client further to sound and 3d models modding.

    Usermade paid DLCs from top modders
  • They discussed (and got the OK) with both bitComposer and Steam my idea of having DLCs made by top modders as official paid game expansions, with "the lion's share of the profits going to the author"; again, they need Bear's Pit to act as a filter and QC, otherwise that idea can go sour fast with a lot of crap work being submitted. I am going to announce a detailed plan on how that's going to happen soon.

    Putting the soul back into JAF story
  • Regarding the lack of "soul" the JA:F is branded with, I've pitched the idea of JA2-like mini scenes with funny dialogues between Prince and his aides that highlight the player progress and are triggered at key game points; this is a major modding project and something I want see done very much so anyone that thinks has the humor and modding skills, please contact me; we need script writers, map editors, maybe even voice actors - or people that can do all of those at once. PS: this is a major community project that will immensely improve JA:F and I am prepared to negociate with FC a lucrative deal (Thomas said they're more than open to pay for large, vital contributions), but I need to know I first have the talent available. More on this later, too.


27/10/2014 · Posted by Shanga · 945 Views · 0 Comments

JA2 v1.13 hotfix released!

RoWa just announced a hotfix for v1.13:

We have just released an official Update (7609) for the stable 7435 version. The update mostly contains bugfixes and has only a few megabytes in size. It must be installed on top of 7435 version.
The 1.13 WIKI has been updated with the installation description and the revision history.

27/10/2014 · Posted by Shanga · 893 Views · 0 Comments

JA:F v1.0.4 Stream on Twitch, with Drop All and Rude Dog IMP! LIVE NOW!

For anyone who wants to join, we're live on Twitch with the first post-release Let's play of JAF. I'll be doing a playthrough with Grim's drop all enabled and with my custom Rude Dog imp. Just for fun. Devs might drop in later (no promises, cause I have no confirmation).
26/10/2014 · Posted by Shanga · 711 Views · 0 Comments

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